Frequently asked questions

The lifespan of your tyres can vary based on the type of tyre, how often you use your car and the style of driving. Driving conditions and whether you carry out tyre maintenance such as pressure checks, tyre rotations and wheel alignments also plays a part.
The best way to determine this is to visit our workshop or call us. We will need to discuss your driving style and needs before making recommendations. It also depends on whether you’re looking for budget-priced tyres, fuel savers or performance tyres.
Measuring how much your tyres have worn is relatively easy. Tyre manufacturers build a ‘tread wear indicator’ into all passenger and 4WD tyres. These marks are spaced at regular intervals around tyres. If your tyre and the tread are level with these indicators, it means the tread is at 1.5mm and it’s time to invest in new tyres.
Run-flat tyres are only designed to get you to the nearest service station or tyre dealer. Not all vehicles can be fitted with these types of tyres. Contact us for more information. Run-flats may also be called zero pressure.
Yes, we are happy to fit your tyres, carry out wheel alignment and check your brakes.
Yes, we are fortunate to have a very talented team of mechanics working for us. Wheel alignments, brakes, clutches, flat batteries, air conditioning problems and electrical issues are no match for our team.
We are backed by global brand Dunlop—a leader in tyres, and have regular training so we are up-to-date on all the latest tyre technology. We are also eligible for major savings when we order through the network, which we pass on to our customers.
Yes, we are agents for NRMA so whether your battery has died, a tyre has blown or you’ve locked yourself out of the car, we’ll get someone to you as soon as possible.
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